The old saying goes, when in doubt wear red! When it comes to timeless fashion and styling tricks, wearing a red outfit trumps any other fashion hack any given day. There is something about this color that instantly makes a woman feel more confident and stylish in her own skin. However, not all women are comfortable in pulling red as an everyday outfit. If you are one of those ladies, you are in luck today.

Here are some of the most gorgeous and effortless ways to style a red dress in your everyday routine:


#1 A Touch of Velvet

The fall/winter fashion trends for 2021 have been a homage to the old glam; the love for luxurious soft velvet had made a strong and sound comeback. For an evening of festivities, nothing would beat a knee-length velvet dress with turtle neckline. A diamond clustered necklace ; court shoes and a nice hijab would be a nice look for the festive season to come.

A diamond clustered necklace around the neck; a pin-up makeup look; red velvet court shoes and a nude/black foulard would be a nice look for the festive season to come.

#2 A Red Dress with White Trainers

Who says you can’t wear a red outfit? Well – you absolutely can! You just need to learn how to style it well. Choose a nice dress from your wardrobe that you had been telling yourself was too loud for an everyday outfit. Layer a military jacket on top. Pair it with a nice nude hijab. Add to the look simple trustee white trainers. There you have an excellent way to incorporate a red dress into your everyday routine.


#3 Wear it with a shirt long sleeves

In case you want to extend the life of your summer/spring clothes; you can transition them to fall. A red dress with spaghetti straps for instance could be worn on top of a full sleeved white t-shirt.

For an additional texture and style, you can swap the basic tee with stripes or plaids. Pair it with boots and you are ready for the fall.

#4 Red Florals

Are you intimidated with an all-red ensemble? Do you feel it would be a little too much for you? Do you simply feel red isn’t your color? Try giving red florals a go to begin with. A floral dress with red base would radiate a casual and laid-back style. You can wear it with black foulard and bag to further tone down the look.

Style Guide to Slay in a Red Outfit