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Four ways to Look Stylish without
Breaking the Bank

So – you have this important event coming up next weekend: a job interview, a business presentation, meeting his parents for the first time, or leaving a lasting impression on the association group you see every day. What’s the first thing you would think about when it comes to looking good?

3 Reasons You Should be Renting Your Clothes

You really must be living under a rock if you haven’t heard about the latest buzz about fashion rental or sharing your wardrobe. The idea is to rent clothes from fashion websites instead of purchasing outfits every time you need to bring on your A-game..

Style Guide to Slay
in a Red Outfit

The old saying goes, when in doubt wear red! When it comes to timeless fashion and styling tricks, wearing a red outfit or a bold red lipstick trumps any other fashion hack any given day. There is something about this color that instantly makes a woman feel more confident..

Four awesome Classic Wedding guest Outfit suggestions

When it comes to picking wedding dresses, a lot of things need to be factored in before you could settle on a perfect outfit of the day. Season, venue, the theme, your relationship with the couple and so many other things come into play their role in deciding a wedding guest outfit..

Netflix for your Wardrobe ?

Fall day dreaming at the Jardin des Tuileries
is done best in Chloe. Everything about this time of
year inspires me to embellish, layer, and just
enjoy styling..