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Restyle your wardrobe, by renting every month new items without buying anything. No way to be annoyed



Every time your rent Ephoria Items, you help us renew the cycle of the too many amazing wardrobes and adopt a sharing ideology.



Renting an item is reducing Natural Resources, fabric & water used to produce a new one. Smart Fashion = Happy Earth.

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Choose your Way
Rent hundreds of styles from dream designers -<br>
with a plan that's right for you.

Ephoria Rent</p>
<h3>6 days Rental</h3>
<h3>Starting from 35€</h3>


      • Rent 1 items at a time
  • Hundreds of styles from amazing designers
  • Free returns

Ephoria Renew</p>
<h3>3 items/month</h3>
<h3>89€ month</h3>

  • Rent 3 items at a time
  • Many styles from amazing designers
  • Wear items with retail value up to 2,000€
  • Monthly free shipments and returns


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