So – you have got a hundred bucks in your wallet in total. Would you go to target or any other fast fashion store and get yourself three different tops, which you can flaunt on three different occasion? Or would you rather visit a clothing store which is known for making quality sustainable products and spend your hundred-dollar bill on a single top that would last you for seasons to come?  The problem with spending too much amount on fashion clothing is that the products while being “hot” and “hip” wouldn’t last you even an entire season. Alternatively, good quality clothing can stay in your closets for years to come.

While putting together a fashion wardrobe, your aim should be to get pieces that are versatile enough to work in an array of combination. Furthermore, instead of getting sucked into Instagram and YouTube created faux fashion hype, learn to identify what works for you and what products would you utilize in your day to day routine.

Here are a couple of smart ways to shop for your closet to ensure you only spend on products you would get a fair use out of. Let’s begin.

Hack # 1: Shop According to Your Body

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Hack # 2: Spend Wisely on Festive Clothing

If you work in the corporate sector or you’re a teacher or a homemaker, chances are you wouldn’t get much use out of your heavily embellished blingy festive dresses. So, instead of spending on their hefty price tags, rent your festive clothing and build your wardrobe based on your everyday wear.

Hack # 3: Get Solid Pieces

Monochromatic outfits and solid pieces such as black tops, cream blouses or beige shirts would never go out of style. These would work with pants, trousers, skirts and shorts. Spending on versatile pieces would ensure you get maximum use out of these. Fill your wardrobe with these pieces and get the best quality ones available in the market.

How to Device a Wardrobe that Actually Works?

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