Muhammed alayhi salato wa salam, started first by seiing nice dreams that became true. As a young man he recognized many of the traditions of his people to be unjust

The makkan society was dominated by bad behaviours and ills, including abuse and neglect of women, idolatry, an unfair balance of wealth, The rights of the poor were trampled upon.

In that time solitude became dear to him. He used to provide himself with barley porridge and water and then directly head for the hills and ravines in themount Al-Nour in the neighborhood of Makkah. One of these in particular was his favorite resort — a cave named Hira’

# 1: Night of power

He would engage in this practice for a number of nights, he would then return to Khadija and take provisions for a like period.

Then one night, in the last days of Ramadan, in a night known as a night of power, the angel Gabriel, peace be upon him appeared to him in aspect of a man, he was asked to read (iqra’). However, since he was an ordinary person, who could not judge things except by conventional earthly standards, he was astounded, replying both with fear and astonishment:

“I am not literate (I cannot read)”.

# 2: Read in the name of your Lord

Then Gibril alayhi salam hugged him so strong as he couldn’t breath, then He left him, and asked him a second time to read, hugging him strongly, after each time he answered that he was not literate and so, couldn’t read. After that, the angel conveyed the intended first revelation:

Read in the name of your Lord Who created; created man from a clinging substance. Read, and your Lord is the most Generous Who taught by the pen; taught man that which he knew not (Al-‘Alaq,  96:1-5).

# 3: Ground-breaking vision of reading

On account of this incident, it is understandable why both the Prophet Muhammad and Jibril persisted in their respective ways. To the Prophet, it was strange to be asked to read, for he was unread. Thus, he could not say anything except that he was illiterate.

But to Jibril, such by no means was a bizarre act, for he was laying down a ground-breaking vision of reading that transcended everything man had previously known.