So – you have this important event coming up next weekend: a job interview, a business presentation, meeting his parents for the first time, a corporate meeting, or leaving a lasting impression on the association group you see every day.

What’s the first thing you would think about when it comes to looking good? New Clothes!!!

Ditch the Fashion Freak-out!!!

Did we get it right? Statistics reveal it that ‘fashion freak-outs’ is a real thing!

“A fashion freak-out is the moment when you get super conscious about looking your best and your brain tricks you into thinking that your existing wardrobe wouldn’t cut it this time.”

#2 Fashion Rental Websites

According to Vogue, 2019 and the years to follow would be all about sharing your wardrobes with other to save the planet through a sharing economy. Fashion rental businesses are the new cool kids on the block. Just with a few clicks, you can discover a whole new plethora of fashion options within a small price tag. Here are some suggestions :

#2 A Friend's Borrow

Even if we aren’t all Rebecca Bloomwood and have a Size like BFF in our lives, we all know that one friend whose taste in fashion and beauty is top notch. Instead of shilling your bucks on getting new outfit for every event coming up, ask your friend if you can borrow something from her closet for a few hours.

#3 Accessorize

A dress can totally be transformed by the way you accessorize it. Have already worn that black cocktail dress to a party? Add on a sequin jacket on top and renew the entire look.

#4 Mix and Match

Have a co-ord that you have always worn as it came? Swap the pants with a skirt. Mix and match the existing pieces from your closet and discover a whole new possibility of new outfits for you.