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Our vision

I Probably wont wear this dress again because it’s already in my.. Instagram! 

Let’s be honest, we all want  Constantly new flashy clothing, all trends are attractive, and all colors too! We want the same prettiest vacations’s outfits as we see on our favorite influencer on social media,  And, as a result, we finish buying that pretty item with money we haven’t planned to spend! Sure, it is nice but!

This idea came along with the world openness to our digital lifes. Being constantly in touch with high image content gives us the wellness to be always on our Top. But, Wouldn’t it be amazing if I could drop my dress after loosing interest for it, and start catching the new one. Wouldn’t the world be Cooler if Sopping was as Genius as : Renting ? 

Dream Big and Go After It!

We believe Every woman Deserves a Cinderella Experience.

All women are beautiful

We help you to highlight your inner beauty

The idea behind the project was simple but complex at the same time: breaking the High-End Fashion market schemes, characterized exclusively by brands that provided products at exorbitant prices, to offer all women the opportunity to own high quality coats, bags and luxury collections at a less price.

Our store is more than just another average online retailer. We don’t sell but give our customers the Ownership  experience of top quality products for a period choosen by them.