Have you been looking for smart yet practical ways to contribute towards reducing the fashion wastage and be a responsible consumer? It really isn’t that hard, you know. Fashion doesn’t have to be extravagant and indulging in whatever your heart desires. 

Begin with gradually building a sustainable wardrobe and then work your way up. Here are four ways to get you started:

#1 Opt for Second-hand Clothing or Recycled Fashion Stores

No fashion bible says that you must absolutely buy brand new clothing in order to look chic and polished. As a matter of fact, celebrities such as Julia Roberts and Taylor Swift have endorsed goodwill hunting and buying outfits from secondhand clothing stores to reduce the fashion wastage. If you have a sharp eye, you can find some real fashion classics from the thrift stores and safe yourself a ton of money while playing your part in saving the planet.

#2 Look for Eco-Friendly Clothing Brands

Buy new, if you must but look for fashion giants that have a very fair and clear eco-friendly manufacturing policy. In addition to the fashion damage, harmful chemicals also cause a massive damage to our environment. But bands are becoming more responsible towards cleaning up their act with the ecological awakening of their customers. Support the eco-friendly brands so more industry giants jump on the bandwagon.

#3 Choose Quality over Quantity

The days of fast fashion are long gone. Even the teenagers these days are using hashtags such as, “who’s making my clothes” on their social media handles to question the brands about their manufacturing policies and the origins of their raw material. Therefore, it’s essential for us as responsible consumers to give the bulk buying a rest. Choosing sustainable clothing would reduce not only the production but also the wastage on later stages. Make sure you get enough usage out of every piece you own. Focus on building your wardrobe with quality exquisite pieces with a real personality to them.

#4 Give Transitional Pieces a Go

If you act smartly, you can get more mileage out of your summer clothing by adding trendy layers to it. A sun dress in yellow, for instance could be worn with long leather boots and a knitted cape shawl or a chiffon longline through the fall season. Similarly, a summer dress could be paired with a denim jacket for winters.