You really must be living under a rock if you haven’t heard about the latest buzz about fashion rental or sharing your wardrobe. The idea is to rent clothes from fashion websites instead of purchasing outfits every time you desire a new dress.

The primary purpose is to ditch the consumer culture and reduce the fashion wastage that keeps on increasing each passing year. While the idea of renting clothes is eco-friendly and good for the planet, it would make your personal life far easier as well.

Here are three super cool reasons to rent your clothes APART from this massive satisfaction that you are playing your part in minimalism and sustainability.

#1. No More Laundry Loads


If we just had a nickel for each time, we heard someone complaining about their laundry bills or the amount of time and efforts required to do their own laundry by themselves! Then there is this whole shebang of folding laundry which requires an effort of its own.

As is with the most fashion rental stores, you aren’t responsible to wash or dry clean the clothes. The outfits you order are delivered to you already cleaned and ironed.

Once you return them, the rental service would dry clean them before renting again. So, your life is easier and less messy now.

#2. You would Get Rid of the “Laundry Chair”

Let’s admit it! We all have that one chair in our bedrooms where we keep piling up clothes which are too clean for the laundry basket and too worn to be hanged back to the closet.

This just adds up to the mess of your bedroom. Looking fashionable and trendy is easier than ever now. You can simply rent fashion outfits online and not be bothered about stacking up the not-too-clean dresses on the chair or the couch.


#3. Your Bank Account Would Thank You

bank account

Staying on top of your looks requires spending quite a lot of money. Fast fashion brands churn out collections season after season and it is natural to get sucked into buying them by the virtue of consumer culture. However, all hail to the fashion rental clothing stores, you can rent a trendiest outfit to try without ‘owning’ them and spending a little fortune each time you want to try something new.

When you give up the idea of owning everything, you would end up spending far less amount on clothes and shoes and ultimately that amount could be spent on something bigger and more substantial.